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The Intaglio Figure  (2004)
Mixed Media: Etchings portfolio, 17 x 12 in. (printed on paper)  


Details: Click for more information

Plate: Copper
Editions: 2
Artist Proofs: Not available
Price: 2500.00

Availability: Upon Request


A distinguishing feature of the prints in this portfolio is that the plates were executed at least in part in front of the live model during a life drawing session organized expressly for the purpose.

After the artists completed their initial plate drawing in front of the model - they had the opportunity to do their first acid bite insuring nothing happened to the original image - and several did.  Afterwards, the artists developed the plate in any way they wished back in their own studios, before completing the edition.  Included in the portfolio are artists-printmakers Ann Chernow, Eduardo Fausti, Stephen A. Fredericks, Deborah Freedman, Andy Hoogenboom, Denise Kasof, Sarah Sears and Bruce Waldman.

On July 10, 2004 the artists assembled at VanDeb Editions, NY, NY - the professional etching studio owned by Marjorie van Dyke and Deborah Freedman. Professional model Barbara Weichmann posed for all of the sketches. Photographer Barbara Lee was on hand to document several plate preparations, the sketching session, some of the etching on 35mm film and videotape. The final etchings are printed on radiant white Somerset Velvet paper.  The inter-leafing used in the finished portfolios is a white Mizutama-Zen Lace paper from Japan.

Sage Reynolds of Four Hands Design Studio handcrafted the signed and numbered folios housing the prints. The folios are covered with Reynolds' unique paste painted papers. Artist Edward Fausty printed the title page and colophon in his Jersey City, NJ studio. Scott Randall, owner of Media Designs, provided digital imaging services in the development of a compact disc produced to document the project.

Master printer Kathy Caraccio provided invaluable technical advice throughout the development of the portfolio, printing, and curatorial services for several of the prints.

The New York Etcher's Press, Inc. was founded by Stephen A. Fredericks to produce original portfolios of intaglio prints and help gifted self-publishing artist - printmakers reach the market for their exceptional work.